The Simplicity Project - Revised eBook

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If you're trying to chase your dreams, live out your purpose, and impact the world but just can't seem to find the capacity, this book is exactly what you need!

We all have a longing for more. For living a life of passion and purpose. One that is filled with hope and dreams. A life that makes a difference and changes the world.

But all too often, life just gets in the way.

About five years ago, my life and dreams seemed to collide head-on.

I struggled to keep up with the to-do lists and the chaos that came with being a wife, mom, teacher to my home-schooled kids, and want-to-be-business-owner.

I felt hopeless and out of control.

But embracing one simple word transformed my days and helped me focus on my dreams and my God-given purpose.


With a list in my hand and a dream in my heart, I went to war on chaos. I wrote this book and lived it out and because of the margin I created in my life, I was able to help thousands of women all over the world and grow a multiple six-figure business.

More importantly, I was able to fully live the purposeful life God had created me for.

Now, in this revised edition of The Simplicity Project, I'm sharing my practical tips with you on how to simplify all areas of your life.

You deserve to live the life you've always wanted.

To start and grow a successful business.

To take that dream vacation that you think only "other" people can.

To have the freedom to do whatever your heart desires.

What's in the book, Corie?

The book is divided into four main sections where you'll learn how to create margin in the following areas:

  • Your Health
  • Your Home
  • Your Finances
  • Your Time
Plus, there's a flexible and grace-filled 28 day challenge included so you can dive in and focus on creating margin in your life. Simplifying your life. And embracing your purpose.

BONUS: As the owner of The Simplicity Project you're entitled to some bonuses! You'll find these inside chapter 18 of the book and be able to download worksheets to help you implement what you learn immediately! Plus, you'll be able to have the 28 Day Challenge delivered straight to your inbox!

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