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Corie Clark

5 Day Clutter Buster

5 Day Clutter Buster

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5 days to get rid of the clutter FAST!

✅ 9 Page PDF with instructions and checklists 


Are you tired of your stuff weighing you down? Need to get it out and get it out fast?

Well, you’re in the right place, my friend.

I’ve spent the last seven years helping thousands of people all over the world simplify their lives so they can live more purposefully. My book, The Simplicity Project, and the Ultimate Declutter System have been used in homes all over the world to create peace and simplicity. To actually love the home you’re in!

The 5 Day Clutter Buster was created specifically to help you get rid of clutter as quickly as possible.

This is for special occasions like a move, someone moving into your home, or just plain needing to create more space on a limited time frame.

*Please note: This will require a couple of hours of work per day depending on your home size and how much clutter you have. If you're looking for something that only requires 15 minutes per day and you're willing to work through it for 6 weeks, the Declutter System is what you need.

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