Purposeful Planner®

The Purposeful Planner® was designed for YOU! For the creative, the stay-at-home mom trying to fit it all in, the entrepreneur chasing their dreams, the empty-nester living their dreams, and anyone else trying to live their life on purpose. It is so important that we create margin in our lives so that we can live the life we’ve always dreamed. There are miracles in the margin!

I have created both a daily and weekly version to help you be more purposeful with your life. At the beginning of each month you will find a month spread, a budget sheet, a menu plan sheet, a master task list and a dreams & goals sheet.

Both versions of the Purposeful Planner contain monthly spreads as well as budget sheets, menu plan sheets, master task lists, and dreams and goals pages for each month.

The Daily Version:

12 months Calendar Year Jan-Dec :  Monday through Friday have their own page. Saturday and Sunday share a page.  You will find an inspirational quote or verse on each page as well as a place to write down a prayer or praise for the day, track your water intake, your health, a brain dump area that can be used for a to-do list, doodles, or anything else you may need to jot down, a retail therapy area for you to write down things you need to purchase, a place to plan your dinner, as well as a schedule for that day. There is a section titled “Today I will” which can be used for you to put the most important things that need to get done that particular day. There is also a 15 minute challenge every day of the year to stay on top of those little things that are easily forgotten! You can do anything for 15 minutes!

The Weekly Version

12 months Calendar Year Jan-Dec: Each week covers a two page spread when lying open. You will find an inspirational quote or verse on each week as well as a place to write down a prayer or praise and a brain dump section for the week. Each day you can track your water intake, your health, your schedule and your menu.


Release info:

Daily and Weely planners release once a year in the fall for the following calendar year.