Simplicity School with Declutter System

$ 197.00

This product includes Simplicity School & The Declutter System!

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Corie's Complete System to help you simplify your health, home, finances, and time. Plus two bonus modules to help you set goals and streamline your business.

Module One: Purpose Discover how to find your purpose and define your why, gain mental clarity and stay focused, and how to kick fear to the curb so you can start living the life you were created for.

Module 2: Time Discover how to create margin in your schedule, remove the unnecessary, prioritize, increase productivity, and attain work - life balance so that you can spend time doing the things you actually love to do.

Module 3: Health  Discover how to create margin in your spiritual health, mental health, and physical health. Sleeping / Eating / Exercising habits. Navigate Relationships while living purposefully

Module 4: Home  Discover simple ways to declutter, manage your home more efficiently, let go of things you've been holding on to, & get your family on board so you can enjoy your home. 

Module 5: Finances  Discover how to create margin in your finances. Save an emergency fund. Eliminate debt. Create a budget you can stick to.

Module 6: Goals  Discover how to set goals that are attainable & apply to your vision and create a simple action plan to actually achieve them

Module 7: Business  Discover simple ways to streamline your business, set business goals, and create templates and systems to maximize your time and put your business on autopilot 


Plus! Lifetime Access to the Exclusive Simplicity Society Community
Exclusive access to a private community going through the same challenge.


The Ultimate Declutter System
Go from CHAOS to CLUTTER FREE in Just 6 Weeks!
Corie has helped thousands rid their homes of clutter once and for all.


This product is a digital course and includes the following:

Simple Daily Challenges
Go from CHAOS to CLUTTER FREE in just 6 weeks. 15 minutes a day is all it takes to complete this challenge!

25 page challenge workbook with each day's assignment, a 6 week tracker, and weekly schedule sheets to keep you organized and track your progress.

Lifetime access to the decluttering challenge and all new members site with weekly videos and schedules!


It’s time to take your home back. It’s time to take your LIFE back. Can I get an amen? This challenge is going to do exactly that. You’ll probably sweat a little, you might even cry once or twice, but I promise you’ll feel so good at the end of this challenge.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The problem with other decluttering systems is they make you do too much at once, resulting in burnout and an unfinished job. This challenge has been broken down into a manageable system that only takes you 15 minutes a day.

Results you can see in the first week. My system was built to give you results fast and keep you motivated to get rid of the clutter once and for all.

So often we separate the physical clutter from our mental health but the truth of the matter is, if we have clutter in our homes we have clutter in our minds. Knowing that there is too much "stuff" to take care of can weigh us down.

The 6 Week Declutter System was made for YOU! For the person who doesn’t have time or energy, for the mom who is overwhelmed, for the executive that has more important things to do. It was made for everyone. Each day, you are given simple 15 minute tasks that will help you rid your home of clutter once and for all!

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