Fangirl Your Friends Coffee Mug

$ 7.50  $ 10.00


I promise you your friends are doing amazing things. Whether it looks like it from the world’s perspective or not, they are. They are wiping baby bottoms and cleaning toilets. They’re writing books, serving at restaurants, and making coffee. They’re walking in their own little lanes that God as called them to and they need fans. Fans that know the intricate details of their lives. Fans that will pray them through the trenches. Fans that know when they need encouragement and when they just need a place to turn off their brain, have a margarita, and watch their favorite T.V. show. They need YOU. They need you to be their fangirl.

Read Corie's post: #FangirlYourFriends and be sure to fangirl on your own friends. Show us your pictures on instagram by using the hashtag #FangirlYourfriends

All proceeds from the sale of this mug will go to Legacy Collective

  • 11oz white mug with black print
  • Hand wash recommended to extend the life of the print
  • Microwave safe

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