Simplicity School & Declutter Challenge

$ 97.00  $ 397.00

Create margin, conquer overwhelm, and finally start living the life you were created for!

When you purchase Corie's Signature course you automatically get access to the Declutter Challenge as well!

7 Modules helping you discover:

  • How to find your purpose and define your why
  • How to gain mental clarity and stay focused
  • How to kick fear to the curb so you can start living the life you were created for.
  • How to create margin in your schedule, remove the unnecessary, prioritize, increase productivity, and attain work - life balance so that you can spend time doing the things you actually love to do.
  • How to create margin in your spiritual health, mental health, and physical health
  • Sleeping / Eating / Exercising habits
  • Navigate Relationships while living purposefully
  • Simple ways to declutter, manage your home more efficiently, let go of things you've been holding on to, and get your family on board so you can enjoy your home.
  • How to create margin in your finances 
  • Save an emergency fund
  • Eliminate debt
  • Create a budget you can stick to
  • How to set goals that are attainable and apply to your vision and create a simple action plan to actually achieve them
  • Simple ways to streamline your business, set business goals, and create templates and systems to maximize your time and put your business on autopilot  


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